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Mousie and Friends Mini Comic: Space Invader :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 6 5 Happy Easter 2017 :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 5 6 Mousie and Friends Comic: The Gift :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 5 5 Waddle On! :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 9 7 Zombie Movie Night :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 3 2 Mousie and Friends Comic: Leftover Cookie :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 4 11 St. Patrick's Day 2017 :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 5 4 Sister Love :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 5 6 Mousie and Friends Comic: Freak Show :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 5 14 New Logo :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 4 5 The Cheese Heads Unite :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 5 12 In The Family :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 2 6 Happy Valentine's Day! :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 3 3 Game Time! :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 2 3 Shirt Designs :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 2 3 Hazel :icondsuarez1995:DSuarez1995 2 3


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Mousie and Friends Mini Comic: Space Invader
A New Mousie & Friends Mini Comic to end the week. Here we see Mousie & Matt waking up in the middle of the night to see A Strange Guest. Haha. More Mousie & Friends drawings to come soon. Stay Tuned. Sleep   
Mousie Fact #32: Sally has a fear of Worms. So she tries to keep it cool when shes with Katie & Happy. :D
Mousie Fact #31: Mousie was originally going to be an Imaginary Friend of Matt, but it felt better if everyone of Matt's Friends saw him. 
Mousie Fact #30: The Stories for Mousie & Friends this June have a Secret in each one. A Real Moment from my Childhood-Teen Years are Referenced/Recreated. Question is which ones? Find out this June. :D
UPDATE ALERT: Mousie & Friends Facts now Every Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays starting this week instead of Mondays & Fridays! :D
During my Hiatus on Deviantart, I've written more Mousie stories that I wanted to add with the other Mousie Stories all together. Here's the updated Story List. Enjoy! :D
  • The Sleepover: Sally invites Matt & Mousie for A Zombie Movie Night, but things backfire when one of Sally's Friends who hates Mice (and Boys) , says that its Sally's Turn to Host The Girls Sleepover that same night, so Sally has A Plan that can work for both.
  • Food Fight: A Mean Comment from Princess Caroline causes Captain Cupcakes to start an all out Food Fight at Crunchy's where its Cupcakes vs Onion Rings.
  • Banned: After A Card Game is banned at Matt's School, he & Mousie are on a mission to retrieve the Confiscated Cards from The School Principal.
  • Welcome to The Rock Show: After A Band gets Ill, Mousie, Matt, & Sally form a band to take their place so they can tag along with their favorite Rock Band Hazel & The Bolts.
  • Party Crunchy!: While Mr. Crunchy is out for the night to meet an Old Friend, Lizzy & Tom are in charge for the night & Tom plans to make his dream come true, "An Ultimate Restaurant Party."
  • Insert Coin: Katie & Happy find an Old Arcade Game in The Junkyard & introduces it to their friends that ends up causing a riot.
  • Flower Power: Sally throws A Spring Time Party, while A New Villain takes over The Town's Floral Shops.
  • BBQ Princess: Someone comes by to have An Ultimate Grill Off with Mousie.
  • Friend Boat: Katie & Happy have problems building A New Boat called The S.S. Katie & Happy.
  • Sweet Caroline: Princess Caroline is stuck spending time with Sally for a day & learns something new.
  • Freeze to Meet You: An Ice Cream Parlor opens across Crunchy's, so Mr. Crunchy, Izzy, & Tom start to improve their restaurant.
  • Camp Shame: Matt gets embarrassed in front of his Campers so Mousie tries to Cheer him up with Camp Activities.
  • Collect Them All: Princess Caroline is on A Quest to collect all The Toys from The Crunchy's Jr. Meals. 
  • I Double Scare You: It's Halloween & Maria makes A Bet with Mousie & The Gang to see who can the most Candy by Midnight on The Most Scary Part of Town. 
  • Food Glorious Food: Sally trains Mousie & Matt for A Food eating Contest at Crunchy's.
  • My Hero: Brandy Sunshine becomes a fan of A Certain Cupcake Hero.
  • License to Dive: Sally is in need of help from Mousie & Matt after joining The Swimming Team.
  • Hello Katie: Katie's Mom Babysits a Kitten that plans on destroying Katie & Happy's Friendship by Befriending Katie in front of Happy.
  • One Slush: Happy & Katie wait in line for A New Slush that's Popular in town, but it backfires in A Crazy way thanks to a certain Princess.
  • Skater Crush: Mousie, Matt, & Sally invite Happy & Katie to the skate park where Katie develops A Crush.
  • Mouse for Hire: Mousie tries out to be A Crunchy's Employee.
  • Save The Dance: Sally asks Matt to A School Dance, but also tells him something Special as well.
  • Christmas Mouse: Mousie helps Matt look the Perfect Gift for Sally but backfires, meanwhile Sally, Katie, Happy plan A Christmas Party at Crunchy's with the help of Princess Caroline who learns about The Holiday & more. 


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United States
My #1 Hobby has always been Drawing. Ever since I was 7 I've been drawing many things like Characters, Family, & Small Comics. My Greatest Drawing Achievement thus far was my Mousie Cartoon. Based on my Childhood Plush Pal, Mousie has a lot to offer to everyone Smiles, Cheers, & sometimes Tears. Anyways I've decided to introduce my Cartoon to Deviantart to not only show more to my friends, but to every Artist around the World. I will have Drawings, Mini Comics, Mousie Facts, & More. So far I've been enjoying everyone's Company here in Deviantart & learned a lot not only by The Great Drawings of Characters & Comics, but the skills & styles they offer from the artists themselves. Well that's all I have to say for now, can't wait to see more great art & to post a lot of Mousie Drawings. Stay Weird my Friends! :D


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ok great post it and i got one more request ( needs to be done and posted tonight before 9) ok the request is: i want you to remake this:… but my loud house character and my sisters loud house character:… and can you please hurry
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ok great post it and i got one more request ( needs to be done and posted tonight before 9) ok the request is: i want you to remake this:… but my loud house character and my sisters loud house character:… and can you please hurry
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